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When trying to get rid of bugs, many people turn to the simple sticky fly traps that hang from the ceiling. Not only are these types of traps ineffective at attracting and trapping insects, but they are quite unsightly with their amber brown color speckled by the dead bodies of flies and bugs. If you want to get rid of bugs once and for all with the same power that you get from those high powered outdoor bug zappers, then the Hoont Bug Zapper is for you. This zapper is designed to attract and kill bugs through electrocution.

The Hoont Bug Zapper is a high powered indoor bug zapper that uses two powerful UV bulbs that will attract and then lure bugs towards them. Then, the bugs pass through the mesh screen and make contact with the electrified grid behind it where they are instantaneously zapped and killed on contact. The bugs then fall down to the tray at the bottom, and the problem is gone. When the tray is full, you can simply remove it, dump out its contents and then wash it out. The grid itself is also easy to clean.

The Hoont Bug Zapper is able to cover as much as 6,000 square feet of space, helping to get rid of these pests in large rooms and apartments. It is made to be as safe as possible in the way that it can be turned on and used for 24 hours straight without issue. It is also safe to have in spaces with kids and pets, as the screen forms a protective layer over the grid itself so they won’t accidentally touch it. Furthermore, it is free from pesticides and other chemicals.

Safely and efficiently eliminate pests in your home with the Hoont Bug Zapper. Order yours today.

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