Best Magnetic Screen Door for Sliding Door

Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door for Sliding Door, French Door, Double Door Screen doors separating your indoor and outdoor spaces allow for fresh air to blow into your house without fear of pests doing the same. The Magnetic Screen Door 74”x 81” French Door is a French door-style screen door that attaches to the door frame […]

Screen Door Magnets

When your screen doors or windows become damaged, it can be a hassle and potentially expensive to have them repaired or replaced. Having holes in the screen door can make it easier for mosquitoes, flies, wasps and other unwanted pests to fly into the home, negating the purpose of a screen door at all. Instead […]


What Is All the Fuss About Magnetic Screen Doors Every year it seems there is some new household thing making the rounds. These gizmos are designed to make some chores around the house that no homeowner likes to do much easier. However, this time, the big hype is about something different entirely. This time, the […]