On beautiful sunny days, when looking outside of your home through a screen door, the thin lattices of a screen door may be easily overlooked. They are small and easily disappear from sight when the sun hits them right, making them difficult to see as you approach the screen door to walk outside. This is especially true for young children and elderly people who have failing eyesight. Repeated running into your screen door can cause it to tear, bend, break or otherwise become damaged and cause you to replace it over time. These Screen Door Magnets aim to solve that. Each of these Screen Door Magnets is a heavy-duty magnet that measures 6.75 inches in diameter. Their large size and vivid colors make them impossible to miss, so you will always be able to know when the screen door is closed in front of you, helping you remember to open it up before trying to walk through it. Resistant to UV damage, they will last for years once you twist, click and lock them into place.

Screen Door Magnets – Twist, Click and Lock – Keep People and Pets from Walking into a screen door (Grey Mandala)