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When you construct a building or any structure, its security and protection is the main concern for you. You have different options and alternatives for this, but what is the best way of protecting your place in such a way that it is gives you both beauty and safety.

Magnetic screen door can fulfill your desire.

They are beautifully designed and made that you never have the thought of lacking anything.They are quite durable, but a little expensive.

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If you want to know more about magnetic screen doors, there are a lot manufactures and some companies launching their own respective products in the market. Some of the reputed manufactures and companies have their own websites and you can find all the relevant information over there. During the use of these magnetic screen doors, magnetic door holder plays a very important role and you should learn about how to install the holder. There are many occasions when it the magnet stops working and door does not close completely. If you know about it, you can solve this problem yourselves.

In this article, I would like to explain some very simple steps so that you can do it when you want. In magnetic screen door, the holders have the power of keeping even the old doors closed and opened. You will require magnetic screen door holder, drill, and pencil and Phillips screwdriver. Magnetic parts of the holder should be screwed onto the door jamb of a light screen door or onto the inside trim of a cabinet. Flush the magnet with cabinet outer edge. Now magnetic part of the holder should be screwed to the outside edge near the bottom.

magnetic screen door

Metal plate should be positioned and aligned in such a way that it gets flushed on all sides with magnetic screen door holder. To notice the position of the plate on the magnetic screen door, make some marking with a pencil; close the screen door or the cabinet. To align the plate with the pencil markings, open the door and tighten it with screws using screwdriver. To test the holder, close the door. Now metal ball could be set and aligned. Using available screws tighten it with the surface. To see if the magnetic screen door holders are working properly, open and shut the door.

While installing your magnetic screen door holder, if you find the wood hard, you can use a drill to make some holes. While using the drill, make sure about its size, it must be narrower than the screws. In addition to learning about magnetic screen door holders, there are other things you should know about such as screen door latches and other screen door hardware. You can read about all these hardware, their prices, sizes and shapes on internet. Reading online manuals, you can fix most of the things yourselves at anytime and save your hard earned money.

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