What Is All the Fuss About Magnetic Screen Doors

Every year it seems there is some new household thing making the rounds. These gizmos are designed to make some chores around the house that no homeowner likes to do much easier. However, this time, the big hype is about something different entirely. This time, the product that is causing such a stir is something that is designed to make your life better by adding functionality to your home.

This amazing item is called the Magnetic Screen Door magneticscreendoor.org and it will change your life. We put together some valuable information on this product and we wanted to share it with our readers.

What is a magnetic screen door?

A Magnetic Screen Door magneticscreendoor.org is a mesh material, either polyester or fiberglass that forms a curtain across the door opening. The curtain has a slit down the center with magnets embedded inside. These magnets create a self-closing system when walking through it. The fine mesh material allows air to pass through it and at the same time keeps objects from getting in.

Benefits of Using a Magnetic Screen Door

There are many benefits to installing magnetic screen doors in your home. For this article, after doing our research we came up with the top four benefits of having a magnetic screen door in your home.

Top four benefits of having a magnetic screen door

Installation is very easy – Installation could not be easier and it fits most door openings. You can do it yourself or hire a professional installer to do it for you. You can find videos all over the Internet that will show you how to install it yourself and save a bit of money.

Adds easy access for kids and pets – Once installed, getting in and out of the doorway is easy. Your kids don’t have to struggle to go in and out the door and neither do your pets. The hands-free design also makes it easy for you to walk through when carrying objects.

Keep out unwanted pests and critters – Depending on the area that you live you likely have some types of pesky insects. You may even have some small rodents or other critters running around the yard. This likely makes it difficult for leaving the door open and being able to enjoy a cool breeze. Having a mesh magnetic screen door allows the cool breeze to blow through and at the same time keeps the bugs and critters at bay.

Adds value to your property – When it comes to the value of your home any added features generally will add some degree to the overall property value. Anything that will help to make your home stand out against other properties in the area will automatically boost its value.

Do magnetic screen doors work?

Do these magnetic screen doors work, the answer to that question is yes, however, it depends on several factors. According to check sites like Amazon and other retailers, the star ratings are about average. The materials used in the product vary greatly and it will have an impact on the functionality. Also, the overall fit of the product is a concern. For the most part, the magnetic closure seems to be very effective and does keep the critters and pets out.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a way to let the cool breezes come in, and allow the kids and pets to get in and out while keeping the pests out, this will be a good solution. They are not overly expensive, but remember, you always get what you pay for. Don’t go for the cheaper price and expect to get a premium result.

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