Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door for Sliding Door, French Door, Double Door

Screen doors separating your indoor and outdoor spaces allow for fresh air to blow into your house without fear of pests doing the same. The Magnetic Screen Door 74”x 81” French Door is a French door-style screen door that attaches to the door frame and allows easy movement through it just by stepping through. It has no metal door frame to loudly swing shut in the wind, nor does it have a handle, so you can use the door even when your hands are full.

Instead, there are 34 long, strong magnets placed in the middle seam of the door that separates when you walk through them. They connect once more automatically after you have passed through. The mesh itself is high quality, made from heavy-duty reinforced mesh that won’t easily rip or tear, even on exceptionally windy days. The reinforced edges offer additional durability and reliability. You can install the screen door in minutes using the convenient hook and loop seal and the push pins that are included.

Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door for Sliding Patio Door

Magnetic Screen Door for Sliding Door

Dysome Magnetic Screen Door for Sliding Door

With a screen door, you can make it easier for pets, kids and adults alike to enter and exit your connected indoor and outdoor spaces. Unlike traditional screen doors, this Magnetic Screen Door for French Door has no handle, so you can move through it freely even with both hands occupied. Designed to fit on both patio and French doors, this screen door is wider than most, able to fit the doorway without a gap on either side.

This Magnetic Screen Door for French Door features a hook and loop fastener that lines the entire border of the mesh curtain, leaving no space for bugs to sneak through. Those in your house can move through it simply, though, thanks to the high-energy magnets that sit along the seam. They part as you walk through and close again afterward. Though the curtain is durable with its 60g fiberglass mesh construction, it is still lightweight enough for kids to walk through without intervention from their parents.

Heavy Duty Magnetic Sliding Screen Door

SANJIANKER Durable Fiberglass Mesh Curtain Heavy Duty Screen Door for Sliding Doors

Create the most comfortable transition between your indoor/outdoor spaces with this SANJIANKER Durable Fiberglass Mesh Curtain hanging in the doorway. Made for use on patio and sliding door areas, this wide curtain fits snugly on all sides using hook and loop closures on adhesive strips to prevent any gaps. This prevents insects from slipping through the sides, while the fine mesh of the curtains stops flying insects from getting through the screen door itself.

Made from high-density, ultra-durable glass fiber, the mesh of this product resists fire and tearing, even in powerful winds. It is also resistant to chemical corrosion, all of which ensures a longer life. A total of 17 ultra-strong magnets are sewn into the seams, keeping the sections securely closed until you pass through them and then closing automatically again once you do. It has no handles, so you can accomplish this with full hands. Gravity sticks make it simpler for pets and kids to move through the screen door on their own while also making the screen more resistant to high winds.

Heavy Duty Magnetic Sliding Screen Door

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