• LiBa Bug Zapper

LiBa Bug Zapper

Getting rid of bug problems can be frustrating when you try various products only to see that none of them do what they say. People often rely on fly traps that are largely ineffective and quite unattractive as they hang from the ceiling, wishing there was a safe way to harness the power of an outdoor bug zapper inside of their home. With the LiBa Bug Zapper, you can take advantage of the power and convenience of an indoor bug zapper that is safe for use in your house, finally and effectively getting rid of annoying pests.

The LiBa Bug Zapper is an efficient, high powered indoor zapper that uses 365nm wavelength UV rays that are particularly attractive to bugs to lure them toward the grid. As soon as they make contact with this kill grid, they are attacked and killed with 2800 volts of power that electrocutes them on contact. This UV bug zapper is able to kill them without the need for pesticides and other harmful chemicals, making it safe for use in places where people live, ensuring your kids and pets aren’t having to breathe in harmful fumes in the name of pest control.

The LiBa Bug Zapper is easy to clean thanks to its grid that keeps itself from getting clogged and the convenient tray mechanism that you can just pull out and dump out when it needs to be cleaned. This low maintenance LiBa Bug Zapper is the perfect solution for your pest problems.

Take advantage of the power of the LiBa Bug Zapper and clear out your home of annoying flying insects. Click add to cart today.

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