• Electric Fly Swatter Racket

Electric Fly Swatter

Sitting outside and enjoying breezy summer nights isn’t as relaxing as it sounds when you constantly have biting insects nipping at you, but it isn’t always feasible to have a bug zapper near you. Stop lugging a heavy mosquito killer around when you’re relaxing at home or while camping when you instead use the 3000 Volt Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper. The handhold bug zapper looks and feels like a tennis racket with a “net” made out of material that is electrically charged so when you swing it, it will kill the bugs in your path in no time. It only needs one swing to kill the bugs, letting you get back to enjoying the night.

The 3000 Volt Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper is always ready to go, needing only two double AA batteries to function, so you can be sure you won’t have to wait for it to charge up every night before you can it. It has a single layer surface that is easy to clean when the time comes, and because of this single layer style, the bugs won’t get stuck inside; you won’t have to dig into it and clean it out. Choose this environmentally safe alternative to bug spray and get back to enjoying your time outdoors with the 3000 Volt Electric Bug Zapper Mini Fly Swatter.

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