• Micnaron Bug Zapper

Micnaron Bug Zapper

Don’t let mosquitos, gnats and other biting insects ruin your time outdoors when you install the Micnaron Electric Bug Zapper into your outdoor living space. The bug zapper is a powerful tool that will kill any biting insect after it is lured into the device, effectively trapping and then killing them with an electrical zap as soon as they touch the grid. No matter how many bugs plague your outdoor area, you can feel confident that this product will kill them all by attracting bugs within a 6,000 square foot radius, pulling them all toward its glowing center. It uses 20 watt ultraviolent bulbs that give out a 365nm wavelength, which is attractive to these insects. Once they hit the grid, they will be shocked by the 2800 volt grid and killed immediately.

The Micnaron Electric Bug Zapper is a low-maintenance and safe alternative to some other bug zappers, as it features a protective grid to ensure that if your pets and kids accidentally touch it, they will not get shocked like those pesky insects. When it comes time to replace the bulbs in the bug zapper, the grid can be easily removed to give you quick access to them. When using the zapper, you can get rid of all of your chemical-laden bug sprays and candles, ensuring that you aren’t inhaling sprays and pesticides like you might otherwise—making the zapper a safer and more environmentally friendly option than bug sprays.

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