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Apalus Magnetic Screen Door – Super Easy to Install

One of the benefits of having an indoor and outdoor living space connected to one another is the ease with which you can cross the threshold and go from one space to the next with seamless access. Still, having an outdoor living space connected to the interior of your home leaves you with the risk of letting flies, insects and other pests into the home. With the Using the Apalus Magnetic Screen Door, you can close off your two spaces, keeping pests away while still allowing you to walk in and out of them with ease.

Apalus Magnetic Screen Door, 36″x83″ Super Strong Fly Mesh, 28 Magnets from Top to Bottom Ultra Seal Magnets Close Automatically

This Using the Apalus Magnetic Screen Door is a hanging free door that attaches to the door frame and still allows fresh air to move in and out of the space without allowing bugs to do the same. You can simply walk through it without needing to use your hands, and it will automatically close up behind you for your convenience. The hand-free screen door will also allow your pets to easily walk through it without you having to get up and let them out. Once the magnetic screen door has closed again, it stays shut using the heavy magnets at the bottom that seal them closed. It is simple to install and requires no nails, screws or other hardware to hang it up. Simply use the included high quality adhesive strips that come with it to get it installed in seconds. Make your home a more comfortable place to be when you order the Using the Apalus Magnetic Screen Door now.

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