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The Augo Magnetic Screen Door 38″ x 83″

Make summertime a more enjoyable season with the addition of the Augo Magnetic Screen Door on your entryways to the outdoors. The Augo Magnetic Screen Door features ultra-soft mesh material that allows plenty of breathability for air to come in through without allowing any of the bugs or other critters from the outside world to do the same. The mesh is incredibly strong and won’t easily take on damage, making it perfect for those who have pets that like to claw and paw at the door, because it will not rip.

Magnetic Screen Door – Self Sealing, Heavy Duty, Hands Free Mesh Partition Keeps Bugs Out – Pet and Kid Friendly – Patent Pending Keep Open Feature – 38″ x 83″ – by Augo

The product is also designed to make it easy for kids, adults and pets to go in and out without having to put in any effort. For adults, this makes it easy to carry drinks and snacks outside when entertaining, and for pets, it means they can go out and come in as they please without you having to constantly open the door for them.

The Augo Magnetic Screen Door is remarkably secure both in terms of the way it attaches to the door frame itself and in the way that it stays closed effortlessly when not in use. This is due to the heavy-duty strips of magnets that run the entire length of the panel instead of just sporadically like a lot of other lower-quality screens. Installation is simple with the Velcro strips and the push pins that will keep the curtain in place no matter how often it is used.

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