• MAGZO Hanging Screen Door

Hanging Screen Door 32 x 80 Inch

Screen doors offer a lot of conveniences that other solid doors simply do not. They allow air to go into and out of the home to freshen it up while also keeping out pests and bugs by filtering them out through the small mesh screen. These screens also leave open air between the inside and outdoor living spaces so that people in both areas can easily talk to each other.

Going in and out of them can be tricky, however. If you are entertaining and your hands are full, you have to stop and set aside the tray or try to balance it to use the door handle. Coming in with groceries means a lot of shifting of bags to free up one of your hands. If you have kids or pets who like to go in and out of the house frequently, you have to constantly go and open the door.

The MAGZO Hanging Screen Door solves that problem. This hanging door offers all of the benefits of a screen door without the need to use your hands to open and close it. When you walk through it, it parts immediately to let you go without using your hands, meaning that pets and kids can safely do the same. It is compatible with most standard size doors on patios, decks, porches, garages, balconies and more. It is simple to attach, thanks to the hook and loop closures that come with it.

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Hanging Screen Door