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Lux Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door 34”x82”

The innovative Lux Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door is a patented new design of mesh screen door that is up to ten times more durable than the traditional polyester screens. This model will fit doors of up to 34?x82?.

Magnetic mesh screen doors are great for keeping the bugs and mosquitos out and the magnetic, snap open snap closed, operation of the door is so convenient when you have pets or children who want to come and go when the weather is nice. Some of the cheaper, old-style polyester screen doors can be a bit flimsy and they can quickly develop tears and gaps, but the all new Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door from Lux solves that problem completely with its extra tough fiberglass mesh material.

The Lux Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door is easy to install and every inch of the frame is covered with a heavy-duty Velcro that is guaranteed not to fail. As it is fixed to the door frame by Velcro, it’s easy to take off when not in use. The manufacturer recommends that you will need a one inch overlap when you fit the screen, so that is worth remembering when you are measuring your door. The Lux Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door comes with an easy to follow installation guide and a money-back guarantee.

The Lux Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door is definitely one of the toughest and most durable mesh screen doors on the market and it should last you for years and years. It’s the perfect magnetic screen door for a busy household with lots of kids and pets running in and out all the time.

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Lux Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door