• Magnetic Garage Door Screen

The Liveinu Magnetic Garage Door Screen

Whether you work out of your garage, want to give yourself easy access to it in the summer or want to give your dogs access to its shade, rely on the Liveinu Magnetic Garage Door Screen to help. This Liveinu Magnetic Garage Door Screen is an extra-large screen curtain that is designed to hang in front of the garage door to allow the breeze to enter without having to worry about any bugs or other pests getting inside.

The Liveinu Magnetic Garage Door Screen can fit on garage doors as large as 18 feet by 8 feet with its five available sizes perfect for finding the right one to place on your unique garage. The screen is made from high quality mesh material that features a much higher thread count than what is found in cheaper, lower-quality screens. The higher thread count helps to reinforce its body without taking away from its breathability.

You can also walk in and out of The Liveinu Magnetic Garage Door Screen with ease and without having to use your hands, making it great for those who are working or just wanting to bring snacks and drinks inside. It is also light enough that dogs and cats can easily walk through it unassisted. When you aren’t walking through it, it has a magnetic strip that will keep the door shut, furthering its protective qualities. This is accomplished using the 26 ultra strong magnets that are found on each panel of the mesh.

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Magnetic Garage Door Screen