• Under Door Draft Blocker

Under Door Draft Blocker

The gap between the floor and the base of your door seems like a really unsuspecting, inconsequential part of your home, but its presence can really affect your environment in a way that you might not have anticipated. This is especially true in homes that are older and experience a lot of draftiness or homes shared with other people who are particularly loud when they watch movies or listen to music. This gap allows all kinds of pollution, from noise to light to even literal pollution from cigarette smoke, to waft into your room and disrupt your space. When you use the MAXTID Under Door Draft Blocker, you can block it all out and make your room a space you’re happier to inhabit. Not only this, but this door draft blocker may help rooms better retain heat or cool air, helping to reduce your energy bills every month.

The MAXTID Under Door Draft Blocker is a high quality door draft blocker that keeps out all unwanted factors of your home from cold drafts to thick cigarette smoke to loud noises. It is simple, straightforward and effective, able to be used just by slipping it under the gap in the door and walking away. This door draft blocker can be used on any door measuring between 32 and 38 inches in size with a gap of 1.4 inches between the floor and the door. No matter your floor type, your door can still open and close easily without inhibiting its movement or causing any friction.

Enjoy a more comfortable space free from excess noise, light and breezes with the MAXTID Under Door Draft Blocker. Order yours today.

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  • SEAL OUT UNWANTED NOISES FROM THE REST OF THE HOME With this door draft blocker, you can keep your bedroom sealed off from the rest of the home, creating a more comfortable space
  • BLOCKS NOISE, AIR, SMOKE, DUST AND MORE This door draft blocker not only takes care of cold or warm drafts coming in through the gap, but it also helps reduce noise, smoke, dust and other pollutants from getting inside
  • FITS ONTO MOST SIZES OF DOORS This product is able to easily slide beneath doors measuring betwen32 inches to 38 inches in length, making it ideal for almost any door
  • EASY TO INSTALL Simply slip the door draft blocker in the gap of the door and walk
    away— it’s that simple
  • DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES WITHOUT FRICTION No matter what sort of floor you have, the door stopper will still allow it to open and close smoothly without bunching up or otherwise causing friction


Under Door Draft Blocker