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Creating a relaxing bedroom space in your home can be difficult if you live with other people. No matter if your door is shut, it’s difficult to entirely escape their presence. If they listen to music loudly, watch a lot of television or have loud children, it can seem like you can’t ever get a moment’s peace. Beyond that, a drafty home might make it difficult to keep your bedroom at the temperature you prefer, further complicating your ability to fix the feel of your bedroom. With the MAGZO Under Door Noise Stopper, you can block out all of these irritating features of your home with ease.

The MAGZO Under Door Noise Stopper is a door stopper that can just be laid down in front of the door to help stop anything from getting in under the door, including dust, smoke, light, wind and most importantly, noise. The stopper is heavy enough to stay in place but will still comfortably move when you open and close the door, against any floor type and without creating friction or bulk. The simple white color of the under door noise stopper blends in easily with the rest of the design of the room, ensuring that it won’t clash with your decor and serving its purpose without sacrificing any visual appeal.

Once the MAGZO Under Door Noise Stopper begins to get dirty from being on the floor, you can clean it with ease. Because this under door noise stopper is safe to be washed in the washing machine, you won’t have to trouble yourself with annoying hand washing. Once it dries, it’s ready to go right back in front of the door.

Enjoy a more comfortable home and bedroom with the installation of the MAGZO Under Door Noise Stopper. Add your own to your cart today.

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  • SEAL UP YOUR ROOM EASILY With this door stopper, all it takes to keep your room from being polluted by the rest of the house’s noise, light and smoke is to simply lay it down in place in front of the gap under the door
  • KEEPS OUT ALL SORTS OF POLLUTION This product can keep out dust, wind, sound and more from your room to make it a calmer, more peaceful place to be
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION All you have to do to enjoy the noise canceling benefits is lay it in front of the door and connect the product to the bottom
  • EASY TO WASH When it becomes dirty from resting on the floor for too long, you can toss it into the washing machine for effortless cleaning
  • FITS MOST DOORS This door stopper is an ideal length for fitting across most standard sized doors to ensure maximum protection


MAGZO Under Door Noise Stopper