• National Hardware Magnetic Door Stop

National Hardware Magnetic Door Stop

Those who live in old homes often experience draftiness from the parts of the home that were unable to be properly sealed off. When air gets into the house especially on windy days, it creates an effect that can cause the door to open without you ever touching it. When a door is flung against a wall like this, the door handle has the potential to, over time, not only cause scratches but also may even eventually slam into the wall enough as to put a hole in it. With the National Hardware Magnetic Door Stop, you can stop the door from ever touching the wall while also enjoying the benefits of a door holder at the same time.

The National Hardware Magnetic Door Stop is a high quality door stopper that is made out of premium metal that features magnetic ends on both pieces to attract each other so the door closes this way instead of stopping on the wall. It puts plenty of space between the wall and the door and will hold it open for you until you want to close it. When the door does fly open and gets caught by the magnetic door stop, the shock of it is absorbed to ensure it doesn’t transfer to the wall behind it.

With the National Hardware Magnetic Door Stop , you can have this door stop up and running in seconds. Simply drill a space into the wall where you want the magnetic door stop to go, and then line up the magnetic piece on the other side of the door, an activity that can be completed in no time at all.

Protect your walls from heavy doors in drafty homes with the help of the National Hardware Magnetic Door Stop. Order yours today.



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PREVENT SLAMS, BANGS AND DENTS AGAINST YOUR WALL If you live in a drafty home or just have heavy doors, this magnetic door stop will prevent the doors from opening violently and slamming against the wall, preventing any damage often caused by this action

SHOCK ABSORBING PROPERTIES When the door closes heavily against the magnetic piece, the shock of the crash will be absorbed as not to cause any damage to the wall that it is attached to

HIGH QUALITY METAL BUILD Each piece is made out of high quality metal that won’t easily wear down or take on damage, providing its service for years to come

STRONG MAGNETIC PROPERTIES The door is tugged toward the magnetic piece when it begins to close, attaching to it instead of banging against the wall. The magnet also helps hold the door open until you’re ready to shut it

EASY TO INSTALL In order to get this product up and running, all you have to do is drill one side into the wall and line up the magnetic piece on the back of the door which takes no time at all