• Bobo & Bee Bed Canopy Mosquito Net

The Bobo & Bee Bed Canopy Mosquito Net

As your children grow up, they deserve to have a little magic in their lives, and with this Bobo & Bee Bed Canopy Mosquito Net, you can turn their bedroom into a magical place for them. The Bobo & Bee Bed Canopy Mosquito Net is a small canopy net that attaches to a ring at the top, which is covered in a feather boa style material that adds some whimsy to the look. The canopy is designed to fit over small space like a reading chair or desk, and it can even be spread out along the head of a teen or child’s bed to make the space a cozier place to be. It is best suited for use with twin beds or single beds and can be put over a crib as well.

The net is made with small holes in it that will help to keep out any mosquitos or other small insects that get into the home, so that they can sleep more soundly. The material is ultra soft and won’t feel scratchy on the skin, making it a fine choice for any young child’s room. The net features 50D breathable fabric that is fashioned out of 100 percent multi-filament polyester that is designed to last for as long as possible. It mounts easily to the wall using the included mountain hardware and the hooks that support the canopy with ease. The canopy takes only a few minutes to install, so that it can be enjoyed right away.

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