• Goplus Princess Bed Canopy

Goplus Princess Mosquito Net Dome Canopy

Make your little girl feel like the princess of her very own castle when you finish off her room with this Goplus Princess Mosquito Net Dome Canopy. The gorgeous canopy is bright pink in color, instantly adding whimsy and girlish playfulness to her space. The canopy extends down from an ornate ring at the top that features gathered mesh to make its color and texture more prominent beneath the dome that the hanging fixture creates when it is tensed to attach it to the ceiling. The rest of the mosquito netting hangs down loosely and can easily be draped along the head and sides of a twin or single bed.

The Goplus Princess Mosquito Net Dome Canopy is made out of premium polyester, which is soft to the touch and highly breathable, making it comfortable for sleeping children as they will not have to worry about their skin getting irritated or the bed feeling too hot from lack of breathability and airflow. Turning your little one’s room into a fairy tale escape takes no time at all, thanks to the included hanging kit that will allow you to install it in only minutes without the need for a lot of tools and struggle.

Not only can the Goplus Princess Mosquito Net Dome Canopy be used on a bed, it is also a great choice for creating a comfortable little writing or reading nook to encourage your child to comfortably partake in those activities.

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