• Upgraded 72"x80" Magnetic Screen Door for French Door
  • Magnetic screen door 72x80
  • Magnetic Screen Door for French Doors
  • Stronger Fiberglass Mesh

Magnetic Screen Door for French Doors

Mesh curtains are an easy, convenient solution for those who want to enjoy the breeziness of summer and springtime throughout the house without all of the annoying bugs that tend to come with it. Oftentimes, these screens seem to be made for only standard single doors, leaving those with French doors unable to take advantage of them. With the Magnetic Screen Door for French Doors, you can enjoy the benefits of these doors no matter what.

The Magnetic Screen Door for French Doors is a screen door made from strong, yet breathable mesh that allows air to move through it easily while also allowing people and pets the same convenience. The durable mesh is tear-proof, ensuring that it won’t get snagged or ripped if your dogs or cats claw at it. The holes in the mesh are small, eliminating the risk of everything from tiny mosquitos to larger insects getting inside your home.

Upgraded 72″x80″ Magnetic Screen Door for French Door, Durable Fiberglass Double Door Screen Mesh Curtain Fits Door Opening Up to 70″x79‘’ Keep Bugs Out

The mesh panels are designed to close automatically after you walk through, thanks to the strong magnetic strips that are positioned down the middle of the two French door-style panels. This ensures that no gaps are left for bugs to come through when it isn’t in use. Installing the Magnetic Screen Door for French Door is simple and takes only minutes, thanks to the heavy-duty magic tape that won’t ever come loose, no matter how often the screen used. The screen can fit doors as large as 70 inches by 79 inches in size.

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