SANSBUG 1-Person Free-Standing Pop Up Mosquito Net

Save yourself from biting insects and other small pests when you’re camping outdoors with this SANSBUG 1-Person Free-Standing Pop-Up Mosquito-Net. The mosquito net pops straight up into position in only seconds and provides 360 degrees of protection all around you, keeping out even the smallest of gnats and mosquitos with over 1,200 holes per inch. Because of the numerous holes, this means that the net also lets in plenty of air, so that the breeze will keep you cool all through the night. It makes a great alternative to stuffy opaque tents that feel hot and humid inside, allowing you to sleep under the stars without any of the annoyance that usually comes with doing so. This is especially useful if you are camping near the water where flying insects are more likely to be in heavier concentrations.

SANSBUG 1-Person Free-Standing Pop-Up Mosquito-Net (Tarp Floor)

The floor is made of tarp, so that you can easily set up your blankets and pillows without having to touch the ground, just as you would in a tent. The mesh is as strong as the tarp on the bottom and is constructed out of 100 percent polyester mesh that is sure to outlast the test of time and won’t lose its shape or integrity when exposed to sun and rain. It is easy to fold down into a disc that can be packed up with your camping gear without taking up a lot of space. The net measures 6 feet in length by 39 inches in width to give you plenty of room.

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