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ZAP IT Bug Zapper Racket – 4000 Volt

When you are out on the water fishing and are swarmed by flies, are trying to enjoy camping beside a fire with moths swooping in and out or are just trying to enjoy some peace and quiet in your back yard without getting bitten by mosquitos, it isn’t always practical or even possible to have an electric bug zapper plugged in beside you to keep the insects at bay. If you want all of the efficiency of an at-home insect zapper on the go no matter where you are, the Zap it Bug Zapper is for you. This product allows you to harness the power of electric bug zappers anytime, anywhere without needing to plug it in.

The Zap it Bug Zapper is shaped like a tennis racket and features an electric kill grid in the center. When you swing and swipe at the insects around you, they will come into contact with the grid and get zapped and killed instantaneously. This bug racket zapper works by attracting the bugs toward its head with a bright LED light that will lure it effortlessly, putting the bugs in reach so you can just swipe them away. The racket runs on a battery that is charged with a simple USB cord, ensuring that it is always charged up and ready to go.

Though the kill grid of the Zap it Bug Zapper is powerful, if you accidentally touch it, it won’t harm you thanks to its triple mesh cover. This electric bug zapper is portable enough to be carried anywhere you go to make relaxing outdoors more comfortable than ever.

Keep bugs away no matter where you find yourself outdoors with the Zap it Bug Zapper. Click add to cart now.

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KILL BUGS ON CONTACT This bug zapper racket will let you swing at any bugs that come in your path, killing them instantly and letting you get back to relaxing in peace

PORTABLE FOR PEST CONTROL ANYWHERE Because of its size and design, this insect zapper can be taken with you when camping, fishing or just relaxing outside, letting you take care of the problem as it arises no matter where you go

SIMPLE USB CHARGING This zapper insect killer stays charged using a simple USB cord and has a long lasting battery that keeps it ready to swat bugs any time

SAFE TO TOUCH There is a mesh protection screen that is made three layers deep to protect you if you accidentally touch this bug racket zapper

ULTRA BRIGHT LED LIGHT This electric bug zapper has a bright LED light that will lure bugs toward you so you can easily swat them away