YUFER Magnetic Screen Door – Free Your Hands

Make your home a more comfortable place to be in the summer with this YUFER Magnetic Screen Door. This screen door can easily be attached to any door in your home and is especially useful in indoor/outdoor thresholds. It is designed to keep insects, mosquitoes, flies and other pests out of the home without stopping the flow of fresh air in and out of the space. The door is made with your convenience in mind by allowing hands-free entry and exit through the door itself. Because of this, the door is also particularly useful in homes with kids and pets, as they can easily pass through it without needing a parent or sibling to come let them in and out.

The YUFER Magnetic Screen Door automatically closes after you have passed through it, thanks to the weighted center that will seal right back up with the help of the powerful magnets lining the center of the door. It is made out of high quality materials including a strong, weighted buckle bar at the base of the screen door, which keeps it from blowing open even when strong gusts of wind rip through. The product is made out of fiberglass material that is stronger than traditional nylon mesh doors and won’t take on any damage from rain or exposure to heat like some other mesh materials might. It can be installed with ease without the need for additional tools outside of the hook and loop adhesive strips and the thumbtacks that are included.

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