Reversible Left Right Side Opening Magnetic Screen Door

Get a screen door that suits the orientation of your external entryways with the help of the Reversible Left Right Side Opening Magnetic Screen Door. This door is designed to specifically open from the left-hand side, mimicking the usual orientation of a traditional screen door in terms of how it is positioned and how it is opened. The mesh of the door is made from high quality fiberglass, which is made to withstand the weather and won’t wear down against wind and rain. The mesh features holes that are small enough that you won’t have to worry about small insects flying through, but large enough that plenty of fresh air can still blow into your home uninhibited.

The Yotache Reversible Left Right Side Opening Magnetic Screen Door has been strengthened through its stitching with double-sewn stitches both in the top and middle cloth sections. A logo label is added to serve as a cushion that will prevent the door screen from taking on any tears in the top center of the product. In the seam of these doors are magnets that allow it to stay closed and perfectly sealed until you’re ready to walk through it, and when you do, you can do so without having to use your hands. The magnets are strong but still suitable for kids and pets to easily be able to walk through without assistance. This magnetic screen door is designed for use on doors as large as 32 inches by 80 inches.

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