• Yofit

Yofit Magnetic Screen Door, 3 side sewed Velcro

A proper mesh screen door adds plenty of convenience and accessibility when moving between your indoor and outdoor spaces, and with the Yofit Magnetic Screen Door Curtain, you can easily keep pests and insects out of the home while still allowing kids and pets to easily walk through it. The high quality mesh prevents small insects from flying through, while the easy-parting center seam allows anyone to push through it without effort, making it great for going in and out of the house with little effort. There are 13 pairs of magnets that are positioned along the center seal of the door that stay snugly together when the door is not in use, part with ease when someone walks through it, and then immediately seals back up behind you once you’re through. There is Velcro that is sewn both on the top and on both sides of the door, making it easier to install and preventing any gaps from forming.

The Yofit Magnetic Screen Door Curtain uses strong mesh that is designed to withstand the weather, and it won’t blow open, even in windy environments, thanks to the six gravity blocks that serve as counterweights placed at the bottom of the door. This not only keeps them from blowing open but helps keep the door hanging straight down in a neat and orderly manner. The mesh screen is designed for use on doors that measure as large as 36 inches by 82 inches and is ideal for most spaces.

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