• Viixm magnetic screen Door

Viixm Advanced Reinforced Screen Door

With the Viixm Advanced Reinforced Screen Door, you can enjoy the convenience of going in and out of the home without having to stop and balance items in your arms in order to reach the handle of a traditional screen door. This door is designed to allow for easy in-and-out, thanks to the self-sealing magnetic design that allows you to simply walk through it without any effort. The magnets then close back up behind you and seal up effortlessly and automatically, allowing you to get on with the task at hand sooner. The magnetic strips make it possible for pets and kids to walk in and out of it with ease as well without having to have anyone standing by to make sure the door closed securely behind them.

The Viixm Advanced Reinforced Screen Door is made with the highest quality mesh material, which is able to withstand exposure to weather of all kinds without taking on any serious damage. The edge is sewn with reinforced, durable material to prevent any tearing and to add sturdiness. This mesh is designed to help keep bugs out with its fine netting that stops even the smallest of mosquitoes from flying through. While the mesh is fine, it does not get in the way of the flow of air, allowing you to get plenty of fresh air into the home. The door is made to be used on doors up to 39 inches by 82 inches in size.

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