Ultra Large Mosquito Netting For Patio

Give yourself the relaxation you deserve when you are out enjoying nature with the MEKKAPRO Ultra Large Mosquito Net. This ultra large net is ready to set up wherever you want to go and can hang from trees, poles or anywhere else that you want to enjoy. It has several points that attach to whatever is supporting it, so that you can open up as wide of a space as you want to, giving you more room to relax than most smaller nets will allow. The mosquito net uses a hexagonal mesh design that is made to provide you with maximum breathability that lets air still pass through it with ease, eliminating the stuffy feeling that some nets leave you with. The hexagon shape of the holes in the mesh is also ideal for keeping bugs out of a space of any size with the holes being small enough even to stop no-see-ems from getting in.

MEKKAPRO Ultra Large Mosquito Net with Carry Bag, Large 2 Openings Netting Curtains | Camping, Bedding, Patio | Carrying Pouch and Hanging Kit

There is and opening on either side of the MEKKAPRO Ultra Large Mosquito Netting For Patio, so that getting in and out of the net is simple, even when there are multiple people inside of it. The extremely lightweight net is easy to hang, thanks to the set-up kit complete with seven plugs, screws and hooks as well as some extra string for erecting the nets wherever you like. The tent is machine washable when it becomes dirty, and because of the carry bag, it’s not only easy to travel with but also easy to store.

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