Tri Jet Fogger Manufactured by Createch USA

Many people put just as much work into their outdoor living space as they do the inside of their home, only to have the area overtaken by insects and other pests that make sitting outside and enjoying the day unbearable. With the Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger, you can effectively rid your space of these insects and get back to enjoying it the way you intended. The fogger is designed to cover as much area at a time as possible with three nozzles that take the place of the usual singular one, getting more of the fog out into the space with ease. The design of this fogger allows you to not only use it indoors but also outdoors, and its versatility continues from there in the way that it can be used to spray both oil and water-based products with just as much efficiency. It can also be used as a mold and mildew control product, getting rid of far more than just bugs. In the package, you will get everything you need to start fogging, including the intake filter, a heavy-duty motor, the triple action nozzle and the power supply cord. Order yours today.

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