TheFitLife Premium Magnetic Mesh Screen Door

Make your home a breezier, more comfortable and open place to be when you use the TheFitLife Magnetic Screen Door. These mesh doors are designed to easily sit on the exterior doors of your home, including to your patio, balcony, deck or porch, and serve the purpose of a traditional screen door without all of the bulkiness. The doors are crafted out of high quality, premium mesh material that allows air to flow through with ease while the holes are still small and fine enough to prevent any bugs from getting through it. The mesh is durable and resistant to damage against the weather, helping to prolong its life.

TheFitLife Magnetic Screen Door is designed to allow not just air but pets, kids and adults to pass through it effortlessly without needing to use their hands. In homes that have kids and pets that want to go in and out constantly, this will allow them to do so without adult assistance. For adults, this means easier pass-through when your hands are full of groceries or other items. It works by use of 26 magnets that line the center of the door and are sewn in for added durability, ensuring a perfect seal. Once you have walked through the door, it automatically closes and seals right back up so your home is never exposed to the threat of bugs even for a second. This door is made to fit onto doorways that measure a maximum size of 36 inches by 82 inches.

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