SuperHandy Fogger Machine Disinfectant ULV Fogger

Clear out bugs and pests from large areas of land with ease using this SuperHandy Fogger Machine. The fogger machine is designed to tackle larger areas of gardens, yards, fields, orchards, grow beds and plants at once with 20 feet of horizontal coverage and up to 6.5 meters of vertical coverage to take care of more space with fewer sweeps. The fogger is built to distribute aerosol with ultra-fast diffusion and a remarkably strong penetration that makes it difficult for any garden pests to survive after they make contact with the fog.

Because of the Ultra Low Volume (ULV) design, the SuperHandy Fogger Machine distributes droplets of mist and fog that are as small as .50μm in an effort to fight off vector carriers, pathogens and the smallest of pests. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill the large three gallon tank, so you can get back out there and clean out your outdoor space without the need to constantly stop and refill it. The screen filter will also stop any sort of debris or dirt from getting inside of the tank while the specialized, extended coil design of the hose allows for seamless misting to occur. Not only is the product good for fogging, but it can also be used for evaporative cooling of various locations that are known to get damp like airports, docks, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, public transport and more, saving the space from damaging humidity that could generate mold and mildew.

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