Stinger Mosquito Zapper 3-in-1 Kill System

When you have a heavy, persistent pest problem, getting it under control can seem difficult if you don’t want to completely fog out your land with chemical treatments. A small bug zapper intended only to clear out the patio or porch is also unlikely to be effective in the fight against bugs that swarm your yard and fly up on the porch in the first place. With the right insect zapper, you can clear out bugs from a larger area and stop the problem before it starts. The Stinger Mosquito Zapper is a high powered electric bug zapper that can kill bugs in a yard as large as 1.5 acres, making it highly effective.

The Stinger BK600 3-in-1 Insect & Mosquito Insect Zapper, Black not only takes on large spots of land, but it can also run 24 hours a day if you have a particularly bad pest problem. There are two settings on this zapper insect killer: 24 mode and Dusk to Dawn mode. 24 hour mode will safely run the insect zapper constantly until you turn it off, providing you with protection from biting insects all of the time. With the Dusk to Dawn mode, the low light sensor will automatically turn the zapper on to start killing off insects when they arrive as the sun goes down.

This Stinger Mosquito Zapper can kill all kinds of insects like mosquitos, moths, gnats, noseeums and other annoying flying pests. The grid features a no-clog design that will make it easy to clean out when the time comes for your convenience.

Eliminate your bug problem no matter how prevalent with the Stinger Mosquito Zapper. Order yours today.

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TACKLE THE BUG PROBLEM THROUGHOUT YOUR YARD This bug zapper outdoor electric product gives you 5500 volts of power to zap and kill the bugs that reside within a maximum of 1.5 acres, letting you take out more bugs at once

24 HOUR CONTROL There are two settings on this electric bug zapper, one that will turn it on at dawn automatically and one that will run 24 hours to tackle more persistent pest problems

LURES IN ALL TYPES OF INSECTS This insect zapper can lure and kill mosquitos, gnats, noseeums, moths and other bothersome pests in your yard

PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR USE The zapper insect killer is made out of durable plastic that is weatherproof and ready to withstand the elements to provide you with pest control no matter the weather

EASY TO MAINTAIN This bug zapper has a clog-free grid and is easy to clean out when the time comes