Stinger Cordless Bug Zapper Model BKC90

When you are relaxing outside, having a full size, high powered outdoor bug zapper on hand isn’t always feasible, especially when you are out in the wilderness camping and fishing or just hanging out in your back yard where there are no power sources available for plugging in. If you want to enjoy the convenience and power of an outdoor electric bug zapper on the go, then the Stinger Cordless Bug Zapper is for you. This high quality electric bug zapper has no cords and runs on a long lasting battery to give you the ability to effortlessly kill bugs wherever you go.

This Stinger Cordless Rechargable Insect Zapper, Black is a high strength bug zapper that uses a blacklight to draw in all types of insects towards its power grid, including noseeums, moths, gnats, mosquitos and more. Once the bugs have reached the power grid, they are immediately zapped and killed using electricity. You can effectively kill bugs by attracting them anywhere in a 625 square feet area around you, covering plenty of space to keep you comfortable. The bug zapper runs on a long lasting, high powered battery that can run for as long as 3.5 hours without needing to be recharged.

Because it is cordless, you can easily pack it up with your camping gear or just tote it outside onto the porch or into the yard with you whenever you need it. This portable electric bug zapper can sit safely and securely on any solid surface.

Enjoy greater peace when enjoying time spent outdoors in any location with the Stinger Cordless Bug Zapper. Order yours today.

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PORTABLE, RECHARGABLE BUG ZAPPER With this bug zapper, outdoor electric pest control is yours no matter where you go, making it ideal for camping and night fishing.

POWERFUL BUG ZAPPER This cordless bug zapper features a high powered voltage that will kill insects on contact through electrocution

ATTRACTS ALL TYPES OF INSECTS This zapper insect killer can take care of any mosquitos, moths, noseeums, gnats and more to make your outdoor time more enjoyable

COVERS LARGE PATCH OF LAND With this insect zapper, you can remove bugs from an area as large as 625 square feet around you just by turning it on

LONG LASTING BATTERY This cordless electric bug zapper can run for as long as 3.5 hours at a time without needing to have its battery recharged