SEVERINO Bug Zapper for Outdoor Mosquito Killer

Trying to enjoy a nice summer evening on the patio or in the garden can become next to impossible with all of the mosquitos and bugs that come out at night, but with the SEVERINO Bug Zapper for Outdoor Mosquito Killer, you can efficiently kill any small pests before they have a chance to bite you. This bug zapper features a fluorescent light that emits ultraviolet light that attracts and lures bugs toward it in a way that is difficult for them to ignore. Once the insect gets close enough, it is zapped on contact, killing the bug with anywhere between 3600 and 4200 volts of electricity that shocks them.

Bug Zapper Outdoor Electric, Insect Fly Traps, Mosquito Zappers , Mosquito Killer for Patio (Zap T6 Pro)

The SEVERINO Bug Zapper for Outdoor Mosquito Killer can be used in any outdoor space where you want to relax, including not only the patio and garden but also your favorite campsite or, because of its handy waterproof design, while fishing your favorite bodies of water. Simply set it a distance away from where you and your family and friends are to catch and kill the bugs before they have a chance to enter your space. The bug zapper is designed to be deadly for bugs but safe for humans and pets due to its safety net barrier that keeps the electric portion concealed and impossible to get access to. The product is manufactured out of high quality ABS material and is fireproof, eliminating the fear of it getting too hot and combusting, making it as safe as it is effective.

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