Senneny Magnetic Screen Door, Tear Resistant Polyester

Change out your typical screen door for the Senneny Magnetic Screen Door, an entryway alternative that never bangs shut and that you can navigate in and out of hands free, two features that a traditional mesh door does not allow for. This mesh door is crafted out of high quality, heavy duty mesh that features small enough holes to keep out mosquitoes, flies and other bugs while still promoting plenty of airflow in and out of the home, letting you keep the air fresh inside. The 32 powerful magnets that line the center seam of the mesh door ensure that the door will stay closed when not in use by staying connected at all Velcro spots, even in gusty, windy locations.

The built-in gravity sticks at the base of the Senneny Magnetic Screen Door work hand in hand with the magnets to ensure that the doors stay closed, while the gravity sticks also promise to keep the mesh hanging straight and taut to enhance its appearance. The magnets are strong enough to create a great seal but aren’t so strong that kids and pets cannot walk through it on their own without the need for any assistance. This product is designed to fit entryways with a maximum size of 38 inches in width by 82 inches in height, making it acceptable for use on most external doorways. It is simple to install, thanks to both the Velcro and the push pins that come included with your purchase of the Senneny Magnetic Screen Door.

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