Sell4Style Premium Magnetic Screen Door

With the Sell4Style Premium Magnetic Screen Door, you can create a more seamless entry and exit experience through the indoor and outdoor living spaces in your home, or even in doorways that are internal. It works as a barrier between rooms or to the patio, deck, porch and yard simply by way of its mesh design. The net is designed to keep out mosquitos and other such insects while still boasting holes just large enough to allow for air to pass in and out of the space without issue. You can fit this mesh screen door in any entryway that measures a maximum size of 39 inches in width by 89 inches in height, making it quite universal in terms of where it can be placed. It attaches with ease due to the Velcro setup that requires no additional tools.

Because of its centered design, the Sell4Style Magnetic Screen Door parts open when you walk through it on its own, and does not require the use of your hands in order to get in and out. In this way, you can easily walk right through it carrying laundry or groceries, while kids and pets can just as seamlessly pass through it without the need of assistance from adults. Running down the center of the mesh door are 18 magnets that keep the door sealed tightly closed until you pass through. Then, they part effortlessly, only to return to one another after you have walked through it to create a seal yet again.

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