ScreenDoorYET Magnetic Screen Door

Make summertime living more comfortable and convenient when you install the ScreenDoorYET Magnetic Screen Door in place of a traditional metal screen door. This product is designed to hang in the doorway of your entry areas to the home, allowing you to keep your door standing wide open to get plenty of fresh air flowing through the home and creating a cross breeze. It does this while also being able to keep out bugs and other such pests, making your home a more comfortable place to be. The product is made out of premium mesh material, which is high density and durable, made into grids small enough to do its job without inhibiting the flow of air.

The ScreenDoorYET Magnetic Screen Door is made with convenience in mind, allowing you to easily move in and out of the space without having to use your hands. Walking through it will part the screen door effortlessly, and then it will seal right back up behind you due to its ultra-powerful, attractive 26 magnets that keep it together even in windy conditions. Even so, the strong hold of the magnets is light enough that pets and children can walk through with the same amount of ease. Installing the product is simple, thanks to the full frame adhesive tape that it comes with, letting you install it in minutes. If you want to take it down for any reason, removing the tape is just as simple and effective as installing it.


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