Screen Door Locks – Easy To Install


If you are having problem in your screen door locks, you can change them yourselves. There are many advantages to do the job on your own. On one hand, you will not require hire any mechanic or carpenter and on another hand you will save your time instead of wasting for the person to come. After following simple instructions in this article, you will be able to remove your screen door locks in a few minutes. This is also compulsory because after changing the broken handle or mismatching handle, which do you do not like to have. So when you are changing the screen door locks, make sure that match the handle.

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There are very simple guidelines and easy instructions to change your screen door locks and anybody at your home can do that. You do not need any special training and knowledge; some easily available instruments will work for your screen door locks. Using a simple Phillips screwdriver, open the door. Stand in proper condition so that you can do the job efficiently. Now carefully keep the outside latch in your hand and start unscrewing the two screws, which could be found on the inside.

When you are changing the screen door locks, make sure that there is child is allowed to come between the doorways. Also make sure that there are some signs of your working so that people coming inside and people going outside are aware of your work. This is necessary while changing your screen door locks otherwise your attentions may divert and you get injured. When you are sure that there are proper signings of your working and nobody is coming your way, you can resume your work.

Now carefully pull screen door locks apart so that you do not fall down. After pulling the latch, you will see that there are two parts including outside handle and inside latch. In the screen, see the holes. This is there so that you can match it with your desired handle. Now you can change your screen door locks because you have matching handle idea. After you have changed the locks, repeat the same process so that you can get out of the process. After doing two three practices, you will be the master of changing a lot of locks at your home. This is quite simple. Now you will not be dependent on any mechanic or carpenter.

In addition to learning about screen door locks, you can also learn about magnetic screen door, magnetic screen doors, screen door hardware and screen door latches. There are several manufacturers who have posted simple manuals so that readers can get benefits from them. Before doing your screen door locks, you can also search a lot of designs and styles and colors made by the manufactures. Some manufactures even post the images of their products so that user can have direct view of the locks and which one will suite them or match the door or handle.


Screen Door Latches – Replacement Options

If you have screen door then you know the benefits of having this wonderful door. But if you have recently got the door installed, you should know that after so many uses screen door latches begin creating problem for you. You have to two ways to fix the problem. One, contact any carpenter or the manufacture to replace screen door latches. If you are going to get the job done by someone else, you may have to wait for hours or even for days if that person is not available. In addition to hiring him, you will have to pay which you would not like because new latches cost you so much.

Second, do it yourselves. It may sound quite strange or odd, because you have never done it before or you do not have required skills. But, what do you think if you can do it after learning this article? I think you will surly like to continue the reading because you are not going to lose anything. Get ready to learn the skill in order to replace your screen door latches. Do not worry; you will not need any special types of tools or instruments for this replacement. To change your faulty screen door latches, you will require only 4-foot level and Phillips-head screwdriver and both of these things could be got in any household.

To inspect the door hinges, carefully open the storm door. See if there are any loose hinge screws on the door itself. Using Phillips-head screwdriver, tighten the loose screw and if the screws are missing the place new ones. Sometimes, due to loose hinge screws there is problem and difficulty in screen door latches and strike plate. You should also inspect the strike plate could be found on the door jamb. Generally, these strike plates have angled shapes fixed inside the storm door outer frame. Using the Phillips-head screwdriver, screws should be tightened so that strike plates are secured.

To see where the screen door latches touches the strike plate, close the door. To fix the strike plate, open and shut the door, move up and down so that screen door latches come in the center of the plate. Tightening the screws, you can fix the alignment, but only when there are in center. Now 4-level should be put next to the plate side of the storm door. Screws should be loosened in order to secure the frame to the door jamb. To get the frame in level, move it in or out as required. Once the frame is in level, screws should be tightened so that door fame is secured with the jamb.

This is the simple way of replacing or changing the screen door latches. If you think that there is some problem in screen door latches assembly, you should change latch assembly. This is because you cannot change broken springs inside. When you buy new assembly, there are some useful instructions from the manufacture, which must be followed for good results.

Ideal Security Storm and Screen Doors Night Latch

Screen Doors Night Latch

If your worn down door latch doesn’t do its job anymore and requires constant supervision, the Ideal Security Storm and Screen Doors Night Latch is for you.

Ideal Security WCSSP WC Storm and Screen Doors with with Night Latch, Locks from Inside Only Only, Silver

This latch allows you to simply replace the failing latch instead of the entire door, saving you plenty of time and money all at once. Three latch is crafted out of heavy-duty metal that comes with a night latch that will allow you to lock it overnight. The latch is versatile in the way that it can be used with both a pull-handle door or a push-button door and won’t get in the way of its operation. The product needs a solid strike in order to function and does not come with the shims or screws needed for installation.



Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

Make securing your door closed a simple, effortless and automatic action with the help of the Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt. This deadbolt is controlled with a touchscreen that allows you to deadbolt the door with ease using the numbered combination of your choice. You can also manually lock and unlock the door with a key that you can place into the bottom of the control panel.
Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm, Satin Nickel, BE469 CAM 619, Works with Alexa via SmartThings, Wink or Iris
The deadbolt is manufactured out of satin nickel that is weather resistant and won’t easily rust or weather, allowing you to have peace of mind in the functionality of it. The alarm trigger is activated by simple vibrations in front of the door, letting it sound well before someone tries to break into it.



Ideal Security Inc. Lever Set for Storm and Screen Doors

Set for Storm and Screen Doors

Ensure that your screen door stays closed no matter the weather outside Ideal Security Inc. HK01-I-ORB GL Lever Set for Storm and Screen Doors with with Keyed Deadbolt, 4-Piece, Oil Rubbed Bronze . This lever set attaches to virtually any screen door that swings outward and will keep it secured closed no matter what. The product is compatible with most preinstalled handles but also has a knob that you can apply to replace it with. The lever and handle latch can replace any storm door handle as well, and with the matching lock, it can make the outside of your door look more stylish. The handle set is reliable and will give you peace of mind, thanks to its deadbolt instead of most similar products that simply use an inside latching mechanism.



Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Take control over the lock on your door even from afar with the help of the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt.
Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim in Satin Nickel (BE489WB CAM 619)
This deadbolt is controlled by the internet and allows you to use an app on your phone to lock or unlock it from anywhere. This is helpful for letting people into your home when you are not there as well as giving you the freedom to lock the door remotely if you are concerned that you have forgotten to lock it. The included touch screen will let you lock the deadbolt with a single touch and voice control, so you can get into the door when your hands are full of groceries or busy with children. Installation with a simple screwdriver takes only a few minutes.



Hampton Products International Black Screen & Storm Door Pushbutton Latches

Latches hampton

Get the classic country-style look for your screen door when you install this Hampton Products International V333BL Black Screen & Storm Door Pushbutton Latches. The kit comes with two pieces, both a long push-button handle that will unlatch the door with a simple press as well as a latch that can be pushed in to let you out from the inside. A locking mechanism will keep the door locked at night when you don’t need to go in and out. The product is designed for use with outward-swinging metal and wooden doors that measure between 1 inch to 1.25 inches thick. The spacing of the installation holes is a standard size of 1.75 inches.



Ideal Security GL Lever Set for Storm and Screen Doors

Ideal Security Set for Storm and Screen Doors

Elevate the look of your screen door with the help of the Ideal Security \ GL Lever Set for Storm and Screen Doors with Deadbolt. This screen door handle is stylish with its sleek black color and curving handle that is not only appealing to look at but also is comfortable to grip onto. The matching deadbolt further enhances the look of the door.
Ideal Security HK357DB05BL GL Lever Set for Storm and Screen Doors with with Deadbolt, Black
The product can be used on just about any door, thanks to its universal compatibility that will fit with most preinstalled handles. It can be used with almost any outward-swinging screen or storm door and has all of the hardware you need to begin setting it up. There is an inside latch that keeps it closed and a deadbolt to lock it.



Heavy Duty Barn Door Lock

Barn Door Lock

Ensure that your screen door or storm door stays closed no matter what with the help of this Heavy Duty Barn Door Lock. The Heavy Duty Barn Door Lock is designed to slip onto the outside of any outward-swinging door and hooks closed using the hook-and -eye design that is not only efficient but also effective.
Barn Door Lock, 2 Pack 4” Barn Door Latch, Heavy Duty Solid Thicken Stainless Steel Gate Latch Lock, Add More Security and Privacy. Cabin Hooks and Eye Latch Best for Barn Door, Bathroom
The lock is crafted out of heavy-duty stainless steel that is finished in a black color, which offers it plenty of versatility when fitting it into decor of most types. The 304 stainless steel hook is coated in order to stop it from ever rusting, making it a trustworthy choice that is sure to outlast many years of consistent usage.



Ideal Security Inc. Pull Handle Set for Storm and Screen Doors

Set for Storm and Screen Doors

Add a sophisticated look to your screen or storm door when you install the Ideal Security Inc. Pull Handle Set for Storm and Screen Doors. This set comes with a lever handle that has a unique mechanism that allows you to pull on it in order to get into a place while pushing on it to get out.
Ideal Security Inc. SKDXORB DX Pull Handle Set for Storm and Screen Doors Easy Upgrade, Oil Rubbed Bronze
The product is manufactured out of bronze that has been rubbed with oil to keep it looking its best and to help it resist any effects of weather such as rust and corrosion. The set has a standard installation procedure that fits onto doors measuring between 1 inch and 2-1/8 inches in thickness with 1.75-inch hole centers that allow it to be compatible with most doors.