RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap

No matter where you live, chances are high that you have had to deal with a swarm of flies in your garage, garden or worse in one of your relaxing outdoor living spaces. Instead of futilely chasing them all down with a fly swatter, you can save time and energy and instead let the flies trap themselves with this RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap – 2 Pack. The fly trap can be attached to any ceiling and will draw the flies straight to it where they will then get trapped so you can dispose of the bag when it gets full. The trap uses an attractant that is thought to lure in hundreds of the most prominent species of flies, ensuring no fly goes overlooked. The product uses a water-soluble bait that will put out a scent to attract the flies. As the bugs come to investigate it, they will enter the trap that is placed at the top and then die by drowning in the water that is waiting inside.

The RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap is remarkably easy to set up and use, requiring you only pull out the entrance to the trap and then add water to get it activated. Once it has been set up, you can hang the trap outside at least 20 feet away from where you live and hang out. It comes in a pack of two so you can be sure all areas are covered. Make being outside a more convenient and comfortable experience when you install the RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap today.

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