Pet Friendly Titan Mall Magnetic Screen Door

Install a screen door to your outdoor exits in no time at all with the assistance of the Titan Mall Magnetic Screen Door. This screen door can be easily installed to virtually any door frame that measures up to 37 inches in width by 81 inches in length and provides a barrier between the outside of your home and the inside. By doing so, it stops any insects and such pests from making their way into your home while still allowing plenty of fresh air to flow through.

The Titan Mall Magnetic Screen Door features a split down the middle, which is weighted just enough to allow you to easily pass through it and open it without having to use your hands, making it particularly useful when bringing home groceries and other shopping. Kids and pets can just as easily walk through the split without the need for an adult to come and open the door for them constantly, giving them greater freedom of wandering from the house to the yard and back again. The screen door stays shut after the screen flaps have closed again because of the strong magnets, sealing them closed even on gusty days. The mesh itself is made to last out of high quality polyester material that won’t easily tear or take on damage, even if it gets rained on. Keep annoying insects out of your home without inhibiting the flow of air from the outside when you order the Titan Mall Magnetic Screen Door.

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