OctoRose Mosquito Netting For Bed

With the OctoRose  Round Hoop Bed Canopy Netting, you can make your space a more luxurious, romantic place to be while also keeping out any stray mosquitos or gnats that get into your house. The netting is a light, earthy brown in color, making it an idea choice for those with a rustic-inspired home or for including in your mountain cottage. The brown hue is also neutral enough that it can fit into whatever color scheme or decor you already have going without clashing or interfering with the aesthetic.

OctoRose  Round Hoop Bed Canopy Netting Mosquito Net Fit Crib, Twin, Full, Queen, King (Brown)

The OctoRose  Round Hoop Bed Canopy Netting Mosquito is fashioned out of high-quality material that is soft to the touch and won’t feel scratchy when you get in and out of it. The netting attaches to a round hoop at the top, which easily attaches to the ceiling using a single hook that takes only seconds to install. The ring itself measures 23 inches in diameter and allows the 98 inches of canopy material to easily hang down and spread across your mattress regardless of size, able to fit over everything from simple cribs, twin beds, full-size beds and queen- and king-size beds alike. It has a total diameter around the base of the net that stretches out of 472 inches in total, so that you won’t have to worry about it being too short. The small, plentiful holes in the mesh allow for plenty of breathability and airflow to keep you comfortable.

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