• NGreen

NGreen Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Make the transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces seamless, stylish and convenient when you install the NGreen Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door. This screen door is designed to function similarly to traditional metal screen doors without the unsightly appearance and without the risk of them slamming shut and creating unnecessary noise. Instead, they attach to the door frame and hang down in the center, providing a central seam that you can walk through without the need to use your hands like you would to engage a screen door handle, leaving you with free hands to carry in groceries, drinks and more while entertaining.

The NGreen Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door is built out of the highest quality mesh, which is divided into two parts and closes seamlessly thanks to the high power magnets, with 26 of them working together to create a tight seal down the middle that leaves no gaps for bugs to get in. The mesh has a small enough grid pattern to also keep out even small insects without inhibiting the flow of air, making it particularly useful in the warm summer months when you want a breeze without any of the pests. The door can be installed in no time at all, coming with everything you need to get it hung up without the need for additional tools, including the hook and loop frame and the pushpins that might be needed for a wooden frame. It fits doors as large as 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

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