• Newkiton Magnetic Screen Door

Newkiton Premium Magnetic Screen Door

Protect the interior of your home from insects and other pests in the summer with this Newkiton Magnetic Screen. This screen is designed to replace the loud, slamming, obnoxious metal screen doors that sit on the home’s entryway with a silent, stylish and elegant screen that does the same job of keeping pests out while letting fresh air in. It is made out of premium mesh that is made with grids small enough to keep out those bugs but large enough to allow air to flow in without getting blocked in any way. There are strong magnets running the length of the seam of the screen, ensuring that there are no gaps left for pests to get in. The magnets are sewn in to ensure they do not come out. They provide seamless, automatic closure after you walk through them, so you won’t have to worry about turning and making sure the door has closed behind you.

The Newkiton Magnetic Screen is friendly for both kids and pets alike, allowing them to easily enter and exit the space without your assistance. Its design allows you to simply walk through without the need to use your hands, making it great for entertaining when you need to carry food and drinks in and out of the house. The screen can be used in various locations in the house including front doors, rear doors, patio doors, balcony doors, garage door entries and more, fitting doors up to 25 inches by 81 inches.

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