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New Meiz Upgraded Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door

Protect your home from flying insects while still getting plenty of fresh air with the Meiz Upgraded Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door, a door that can hang on any indoor/outdoor access door to prevent bugs from getting inside. The door has a hands-free design that will allow you to simply push your way through the screen door, and because of its weighted design, it will fall right back into place behind you, sealing up without you putting in any effort. Once it has closed up again, it stays that way due to the magnetic seal that is formed. Dogs and children alike can easily push their way through the screen without the assistance of an adult, allowing your dog to let themselves in and out when they need to go to the bathroom and giving your children freedom to come in and out of the house as they please when they want to play outside.

The Meiz Upgraded Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door is made out of high quality fiberglass mesh, which offers more durability than other similar screens while also resists any sort of chemical corrosion. This premium screen door is simpler than ever to install and needs no additional tools to set up outside of what it comes with, which are pushpins and a full frame hook and loop bar to ensure that the screen door is as strong as possible and is less likely to drop even with frequent traffic. Order your Meiz Upgraded Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door today.

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