Natural mosquito control you can do yourself

Mosquito killers such as traps, poison, and zappers can be very effective in the elimination of mosquitoes. There are also some all natural solutions to deal with a mosquito problem.

You can make the area around your home less mosquito friendly by inviting in some animals that feed on them. These natural predators will make quick work of mosquitoes, whether they are in larval or adult form. Plus you will be helping to continue to the food chain, instead of taking mosquitoes out of the equation. Here are some of the best animals to control mosquito populations.

Bats are excellent for insect pest control, including mosquitoes. For example, the Little Brown Bat can eat between 500 to 1000 mosquitoes an hour. If you want to draw bats to your yard, you can install a bat house. Also consider putting in some lights around your yard to concentrate insects for bats to feed on.

If you have a pond, small lake, or unused pool near your home, consider introducing this small fish. One mosquitofish can eat over 100 mosquito larva in a day. It does not take very many to completely eradicate mosquitoes from small bodies of water. You can get them for free from many locations. If you live in the United States, contact your local fish and game.

In the nymph stage, dragonflies will eat mosquito larvae just like mosquitofish. When the dragonfly is an adult, it will fly around and eat adult mosquitoes, as well as other flying pests. This is great because they will kill mosquitoes at all stages of life. If you have a pond, getting dragon flies to comes should be no trouble at all. They love water.

There are a variety of different species of birds that feed on flying insects such as mosquitoes. The most notable are robins and purple martins. It is fairly easy to attract a wide variety of birds to your yard. Provide places for them to nest, for example in trees or birdhouses. A bird feeder can also draw them in, but it might be counter productive to fill their bellies with seeds.

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