The mosquito life cycle is composed of four stages

When enjoying the outdoors you have probably noticed that mosquito populations are more dense in some locations compared to others. Understanding when and where you will find mosquitoesMosquito Life Cycle can help you make the best use of mosquito killer and repellent. You will find the most dense mosquito populations around wet areas where there is standing water. Marshes are very popular breeding grounds, but smaller pools of water are also common. Every stage of a mosquitoes life revolves around being near water, and that is why you will often find them near wet locations.

Mosquito Life Cycle


Mosquitoes breed and lay their eggs in stagnant fresh water, and they do not need a lot of water to do this. They prefer to lay their eggs in water that will be undisturbed and sheltered from the wind. Prime locations can be cans, barrels, troughs, ponds, swimming pools, puddles, ditches, and in marshes. Female mosquitoes will lay one egg at a time, in large clumps of 200-300 eggs. These clumps are known as egg rafts and float on the surface of the water.


The mosquito larva will hatch from the eggs within 36 hours. During the second part of a mosquito’s life the larvae feeds and swims in this water. The larva will consume algae and bacteria that reside on the surface of the water. They are filter feeders, and actually do a really good job of cleaning up polluted water. If you want to get rid of mosquito larva you can get some water treatment killer, or introduce some mosquito fish to the water.


After the larva has grown and shed its skin four time, it will begin to pupate. In the pupa form, mosquitoes are known as tumblers. They float on the surface of the water as they make their transformation into an adult mosquito. They get the name tumbler from the fact that, when disturbed, they will dive into the water and tumble back to the surface.


Eventually they will break free of their pupa shell and emerge from the water and take to the sky as an adult mosquito. The goal of the female mosquito is now to find a blood meal, mate, and lay eggs. Thus, repeating the cycle. Through out all of the mosquito’s life, it only leaves the water for a brief period of time in this adult stage, mainly to find blood.


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