Mose Cafolo Hands Free Mesh Screen Net Door

With the Mose Cafolo Hands Free Mesh Screen Net Door, you can enjoy plenty of fresh air in your home without fear that bugs will get inside. This mesh door hangs down in any doorway, including doorways to the outside, to provide a barrier against bugs while still permitting fresh air to move in and out of its fine mesh material. The mesh itself is designed to outlast years of use without weathering or tearing even when exposed to sun and rain. There are 13 pairs of powerful magnets that work hand in hand to seal up the door with ease, leaving no gaps in between for any pests to get through.

The magnets will easily part ways when someone walks through the door, giving you the convenience of hands-free in-and-out without having to stop to open and close it. Because of this self-opening mechanism, kids and pets can just as easily walk through the door without the assistance of a parent, letting themselves in and out on their own to go play in the yard. After you have passed through it, the door automatically closes right back up for your convenience. There are gravity sticks that are added to the bottom in order to stop the curtain from staying open too long or being blown open by the wind. It is simple to install and remove without the need for additional tools and is ready to be placed on entries with a maximum size of 34 inches by 82 inches.

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