Mkicesky Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door

Get all of the benefits of a screen door without all of the unsightly appearances often brought on by loud, traditional metal screen doors when you install the Mkicesky 60 x 80-Inch Magnetic Screen. This screen serves the same purpose as a metal screen door but offers a more elegant and modern appearance with its design that is made to look like a French door that splits down the center. The two parts are kept together with many magnets that grab onto one another and won’t let go until you, your pet or your kids are ready to walk through it. Then, they open like magic and close just as smoothly behind you, instantly connecting and sealing the opening again.

The Mkicesky 60 x 80-Inch Magnetic Screen is made out of top quality fiberglass mesh that is ten times as strong as traditional polyester screens. It is anti-tear to ensure no pet claws will rip into it and therefore has a longer life span. The grids of the screen are small enough to keep out even small bugs like flies while still allowing for plenty of air to flow in and out of the space. It is designed to be easily installed, thanks to the strong, super-duty tape that lines the entire mesh curtain to ensure that it does not come unstuck even in windy areas. It requires no extra tools to fix into place, and if you want to take it down, removal is just as convenient.

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