Magnetic Door Catch Features And Uses

Do you want to learn about fixing a magnetic door catch? After reading this article, you will be able to do this job and save your money. After installing the magnetic catch, cabinet doors are not able to swing and move freely while being opened and closed. Installing them is quite simple and easy and anybody can do that. If read the article carefully, you will realize that the work takes around 5 to 10 minutes. You need magnetic cabinet catch kit, power drill. First of all pinpoint the area where cabinet catch of magnetic side is going to be positioned.

Cabinet should be closed so that you can see where the mark you already made falls. Once you notice the place, you can see the place where magnetic catch should be installed. Magnetic catch center side should be positioned in the center over the mark inside the cabinet. Hold it there using one hand so that a cross-head screw could be fixed. You can use power drill here to make some holes so that screws could be run across smoothly. Metal, flat nonmagnetic side of the catch should be kept in center on the mark you made and hold it there.

When you start screwing them, be careful so that position does not change. After you have fixed magnetic catch sides, shut the door so that you can see if the pieces are lined up on right place and door has the resistance to opening. If you see that door is not able to open loosely or freely, you have successfully done your job of installing magnetic catch. You have to use the same process in every cabinet door. If you find any problem and door does not have any resistance then check if the mark if there is any space difference between the mark and the magnetic door catch.

Magnetic catches are getting popular due to their advantages and benefits in the houses or places where there are small children. Doors having magnetic catch provide security and protection while in use. A magnet has so many uses and due to its huge benefits it finds several applications in different industries and electronic appliances. If you want to locate screws, metal wall studs which fall while you work, magnet could be used find. It saves your time and you can do it even without light or any illumination.

In addition to learning about magnetic catch, there are other magnetic products used on several places. If you are interested and want to learn and do them on your own, you can read online simple manuals. These manuals are prepared in easy language so that reader can do the job proficiently and professionally. There are people, who after reading these manuals and doing them practically, started their own business. In addition to written content, you can see online videos where everything is shown on its workplace. If you are already an expert and want to share your secrets, you can upload your video clips so that people can learn from you.

WOOCH Magnetic Door Catch

No matter how heavy your door or compartment lid might be, the WOOCH Magnetic Door Catch is there to ensure that it stays in the orientation you need it to for as long as you need it without faltering. This door catch is fashioned out of heavy-duty stainless steel that is designed to keep doors as heavy as 40 pounds from closing. It is rustproof and durable, able to be used for outdoor applications like RVs, boat compartments and motor homes as well as indoor spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, closets and more.
WOOCH Magnetic Door Catch – High Magnetic Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Catch for Kitchen Bathroom Cupboard Wardrobe Closet Closures Cabinet Door Drawer Latch (Silver)
The catch makes an excellent barrier against your children or pets getting into places they aren’t supposed to be. These catches come with the screws you need to easily mount them.


Master Magnetics Universal Magnet Catch

Master Magnetics Magnet Catch

Perfect for indoor and applications alike, the Master Magnetics Universal Magnet Catch offers you a way to hold any door or cabinet open or closed any without worrying about it coming open.
Master Magnetics 07502X2 Magnet Catch, Universal Latch with Strike-Plate, 2-Way Mounting Red, 4.25″ Length, 0.938″ Width, 1.125″ Height, 50 Pounds (Pack of 2)
Using strong magnets, you can easily secure a door in place whether you need it to stay closed or you need to hold it open while you go in and out or retrieve tools. The catch features a two-way mounting design and measures an overall size of 4.25 inches in length by .938 inches in width by 1.125 inches in height. It is able to hold doors as heavy as 50 pounds, making it ideal for even heavy RV doors, boat compartments, toolboxes and more. This product is fashioned out of the highest quality materials to ensure your satisfaction.


Magnetic Baggage Door Catch

Keep the door of your RV, camper, cargo trailer, motor home, boat compartments and more wide open without the need to hold it using the Magnetic Door Catch. This Magnetic Door Catch fits onto most sizes of doors to keep them standing open without suddenly closing in on you. They are made with strong magnets that are housed inside of a weather-resistant ABS plastic housing that won’t wear down in the sun or rain.
1 Selling/Rated – Magnetic Baggage Door Catch – Holder – Clip – Latch for RV, Trailer, Camper, Motor Home, Cargo Trailer, Boat Compartments – Replaces Plastic Spring Clips (Black 1-Pair)
These Magnetic Door Catches are able to fit onto most RVs, trailers and more without the need for modification and can easily be used to replace worn down spring-loaded catches or those that have been previously damaged by the weather. Mounting screws are not included.



Hardware for Screen Door

You would have seen several types of door, windows, gates etc. in hotels, schools, offices and other government places. The main purpose of these covering wooden sheets is to prevent dust from entering inside while allowing fresh air. You know there is one more option which is far better than all these conventional doors and gates. Yes, you got me right. I am talking about screen door. But, after many uses these doors start creating problem for you while opening and closing because there is some problem in screen door hardware. So learning about screen door hardware is as important as knowing about the types of wood, metal and other stuff for your door and gates.

There are several types of these screen door hardware and this is beneficial if you learn about them. If you learn about them, you will be able to choose better hardware for your doors to provide good appearance to the beholders. Handles and pulls are the most important components and parts of the screen door hardware. They are available in uncounted numbers of sizes, colors and shapes. If you go to the one shop, you will get several verities so it depends on you how you choose the hardware according to the door. They come in simple, unique designs, writing, ornate and finishes.

Due to the popularity of screen doors some reputed manufactures hire qualified and expert designers whose job is to find out which screen door hardware matches the door in good combination. So if you are confused about how to select the screen door hardware, do not worry. These doors are quite expensive and they come in different rages. So before buying anyone you can see if it is under your budget. These doors could be installed easily and even you can do that if you are interested.

I have suggested my friends and colleagues to install sliding screen door hardware because they have number of benefits over customary hinges. One of the most and interesting point of selecting these screen door hardware is; they slide in smooth way instead of swinging here and there. They save a lot of your space and do not look awkward during any event or function at home. If you have swinging doors, you know how many times we have to close when there is strong wind because strong wind can damage them.

Having sliding screen door hardware, means you have full protection from damage and other destruction. Having screen door hardware means you have chances of getting fresh air inside your room, kitchen and office. Screen door hardware comes in several designs and functions; you are not supposed to open your screen door every time you want to see outside. Having screen door means you can enjoy everything from inside without going outside and leaving your space, which is sometimes very irritating if you are talking to someone or watching your favorite movie. So, next time enjoy your movie and watch what is going on outside at the same time.

Amazing Drapery Hardware 

Keep any door, drawer or other barrier closed or open no matter what with the help of the Amazing Drapery Hardware. This Amazing Drapery Hardware features strong magnets that can easily secure anything shut that you want to keep your children out of and your pets from nosing around in. It comes with two extra strong #16 magnets that measure 7/8 inches in height and has a large strike plate measuring 13/16 inches in length. The holes are 32 millimeters apart, allowing them to fit into most places with ease.
Amazing Drapery Hardware FBA_2-678-1 Extra Strong, High Magnetic Catch (2 Pk) – White/Nickel,
The catch comes with everything you need to set it up and get it working for you straight away, including strikes and screws. It is crafted out of heavy-duty materials that won’t ever wear down.


Ideal Security Inc. Screen Door Hardware Set

Ideal Security Inc. Screen Door Hardware

Feel secure behind your locked door when you give it the additional locking power of the Ideal Security Inc. Screen Door Hardware Set. The Ideal Security Inc. Screen Door Hardware Set allows you to apply a durable hook-and-eye lock across any door’s opening and comes with closing hinges that are spring loaded and self-closing in order to keep the door from swinging open even when it is unlatched.
Ideal Security Inc. SK922 Screen Door Hardware Set 2 Spring-Loaded Self-Closing Hinges, Handle, Hook and Eye, Brass
The hook-and-eye latch measures a total length of 2.5 inches in size and comes in a tough, dazzling brass finish that matches the rest of the set. The kit is designed to be set up on screen doors, wooden doors or any other kind of door where a self-closing hinge is needed.


Wright Products Vinyl/Wood Screen Door Kit


Secure your screen or wooden door shut and feel secure that it won’t blow open in the wind when you use the Wright Products V321WH VINYL/WOOD SCREEN DOOR KIT, WHITE. This kit features three spring-loaded door hinges, each measuring three inches in total size and will close the screen door on their own. The hook-and-eye latch goes the extra mile to ensure that it does not blow open when it is not supposed to be open. Furthermore, it comes with a knob and level lock that will further the door’s ability to stay closed. Alongside all of the aforementioned pieces, there are rosettes and the necessary parts you need to begin to install the kit from the moment you receive it.


Andersen Lower Screen Roller Assembly Kit

Replace the worn down adjustment rollers on your screen frame to ensure proper closure with the help of the Andersen Lower Screen Roller Assembly Kit. Using these rollers, you can replace the simple part mechanisms instead of having to worry about spending money on a brand new door. The kit is designed for use on Anderson patio sliding screen doors that were made between 1991 and the present and fits onto them with ease. There is a nylon housing around the rollers as well as around the concave wheel that measures 5/16 inches in thickness and 1.25 inches in diameter.
Andersen Lower Screen Roller Assembly (1991 to Present) 1 Pair – 1997310 by Andersen Windows
In the Andersen Lower Screen Roller Assembly, there are two wheels for you to work with, so that you can easily replace the rollers at once.

Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Door Closer

Lawrence Hardware

Perfect for industrial and commercial use alike, the Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Door Closer will ensure that doors of virtually any weight will close on their own and stay closed until you say otherwise. The closer has a spring-forward mechanism that allows the doors to be opened with ease, reducing the weight that you will need to push, while the “ease back” mechanism allows for hands-free soft closing to prevent slamming and to allow for more graceful entry and exiting.
Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Door Closer, Surface Mounted, BHMA Grade 1, Cast Aluminum, for high-Traffic entrances/doorways, by Lawrence Hardware 5016
There are six levels of closing power that you can set to make walking through the door a more natural experience for you, your coworkers, your customers and more. The product is manufactured out of heavy-duty metal that won’t rust, and it offers quiet, non-disturbing operation.



Screen Door Locks