Magna Mesh Screen Has 20 Magnets

Avoid the inconvenience of sliding glass doors or screen doors while still enjoying the protection they can provide with the Easier Living Magna Mesh Screen . The screen comes with 20 magnets spread throughout it, which make it easier for you to walk in and out of it without needing to use your hands. Perfect for homes with children and pets, the screen can easily be walked through while closing back up right away in order to keep the bugs out. The Easier Living Magna Mesh Screen connects to any open space in only minutes, requiring no tools in order to install it. You can keep fresh air flowing in while keeping pests out when you place it over any standard door space. It can be used in or outside of the home and is especially useful for taking on a camping trip. Put it on the door of your RV for an extra barrier between you and the elements. 


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