Luxury Mosquito Net for Bed Canopy

When you head out camping or just want to enjoy a peaceful day outdoors without all of the mosquitoes and biting insects that like to invade your space, you can turn to the EVEN NATURALS Luxury Mosquito Net . This mosquito net is extra large and roomy, giving an adult not only plenty of room to lie down and move around but also plenty of standing room as well to ensure your comfort. The mosquito net creates a large cube-shaped design when it is hung using the loops on the corners of the net, which creates a roomy place to sleep under the stars or in a hammock, or even just an added layer of protection around your tent to keep you doubly as safe from bugs while outdoors.
EVEN NATURALS Luxury Mosquito Net for Bed Canopy, Large Tent for Double to Queen Size, Finest Holes, Square Netting Curtain, 2 Entries, Easy to Install, Hanging Kit, Storage Bag, No Chemicals Added

The EVEN NATURALS Luxury Mosquito Net for bed canopy, measures a large size of 80 inches in length by 71 inches in width by 80 inches in height, making it large enough to even fit over a queen size bed with room to spare. It has 380 holes per inch, and because of these ultra-fine holes, even the smallest of mosquitos and gnats won’t be able to get through it. Made from robust polyester that is sure to last, the net is luxurious and soft to the touch. On either side of the net is an entrance hole that makes it easy to get in and out of the netting from either side. The entrances overlap in order to stop the bugs from getting in that way as well.


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