Lulu Home Magnetic Screen Door – Quality and Durable

Change out your traditional screen door for something more versatile and convenient when you choose the Lulu Home Magnetic Screen Door. This magnetic screen door is designed to serve the same essential purpose as a standard screen door by keeping out bugs and other pests while still allowing for plenty of fresh air to flood the home and keep air circulating. Unlike a standard metal screen door, however, these screen doors can be used without having to turn any door handles, instead allowing you to simply walk through the center part without having to use your hands.

There are long, continuous magnets that run down the center seam of the Lulu Home Magnetic Screen Door, keeping the door sealed tightly until you need to step through the threshold. After you have passed through, the door will automatically seal up behind you in the center. From top to bottom, the door is crafted out of premium fiberglass mesh, a material that is able to withstand any weathering from the sun, rain or wind. Because of the strength of the magnets, you won’t have to worry about it blowing open during strong gusts. The magnets are strong enough to withstand windy days but are still forgiving enough that pets and kids can wander through them without any effort or the need for assistance by an adult. This convenient, premium mesh hanging door is simple to install onto entryways and measures a total size of 39 inches in width by 83 inches in height.

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